History and Corporate Leadership

Founded in 1989 by Mary Lynn Pannen, Sound Options has been both a pioneer in Professional Geriatric Care Management and major influencer throughout the nation as leading provider of care management-led home care services.  Today, in partnership with VillagePlan, the Company has offices in Tacoma, Seattle, and Olympia with plans to expand throughout Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.

The combined vision has enabled Sound Options to begin focusing again on growth though reaching families in need, corporate benefit programs, member-related programs, small and large affinity campaigns ranging from The Archdiocese of Seattle to WellSpring EAP Plans to the Microsoft Employee Benefit Program.  Establishing standards, technology enabled care management led services with integrated home caregiving is filling the holistic and often complex needs of the marketplace, enabling families to keep their loved ones at home longer for less costs.

Sound Options - Seattle - Tacoma - Olympia

MARY LYNN PANNEN, BSN, RN, CCM -  Sound Options' President 
Mary Lynn Pannen is one of the nation's leading experts on Geriatric Care Management and Home Care for seniors and individuals with complex and wide-ranging needs. Since its founding in 1989, she has grown the company into one of the largest private care management firms in WA State.

VillagePlan National Platform - Boston

Evan is an accomplished healthcare and political entrepreneur, and was President of Best Doctors, the pioneer in second opinion as an employee benefit. Under his leadership, Best Doctors grew from a few million in revenue to nearly $200 million. In 2014, Evan was an independent candidate for Governor of Massachusetts.

Our Mission

To improve the lives we touch through the compassionate delivery of high quality family care.

Care Management Code of Ethics

Integrity | A professional geriatric care manager is honest, diligent and accountable in the provision of service. A professional geriatric care manager always acts in a manner that is consistent with the professional values stated in this Code.

Loyalty and Responsibility | A professional geriatric care manager is trustworthy and dependable in all aspects of both professional and business relationships. A professional geriatric care manager maintains confidentiality, avoids conflicts of interest and always pursues the best interest of clients.

Promoting Benefit and Avoiding Harm | A professional geriatric care manager promotes clients' interests, values and welfare in order to maximize benefits and avoid harm. A professional geriatric care manager is aware of potential conflicts that may arise when balancing the benefits and risks of interventions being considered. A professional geriatric care manager strives to assure the vulnerable clients' individual choices are maximized to the greatest extent possible.

Respect for Clients' Rights and Dignity | A professional geriatric care manager treats clients with respect as complete individuals with their own history, narrative and unique cultural identity. A professional geriatric care manager respects the rights of each client, including the right to privacy, and, for the vulnerable client, strives to balance client autonomy with the need for protection and safety.

Justice | A professional geriatric care manager behaves in a just and fair way in all professional and business relationships. A professional geriatric care manager does not promote or sanction any form of discrimination such as discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or socioeconomic status.