Concluding Social Workers Appreciation Month

In 1963, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) proposed March as social work month to promote and support new interest in the broad and diverse work done by social workers. Twenty one years later, in 1984 the White House proclaimed March as National Professional Social Work month, and today over 680,000 professional social workers bring their talents and hard work to many areas of our community and throughout the country.

Professional Social Workers can be found working in adoption, foster care, mental health, counseling, hospitals, schools, veteran affairs and private geriatric agencies. Most professionals have a master’s degree and are trained to examine people’s challenges from a holistic, comprehensive and person centered approach, with an uplifting and empowering perspective.

As the U.S. population ages, the probability of increasing numbers of people with complex and chronic health conditions rise as well and families often are not prepared to navigate this journey alone. Help from professional care managers are often sought from families, to provide them with a plan for care, assist in arranging and coordinate services such as homecare, and follow up doctor appointments, and visits to monitor safety and address changing needs.

Care Manager’s work focuses on coordinating care that is safe, timely, efficient, client centered, thus matching the training and skills of social workers perfectly. It is no wonder that the population of Social Workers working as professional Geriatric Care Managers continues to grow, as their training and skills align to address the multiple factors that influence health and wellness and provide a roadmap to assist individuals and families with their ever changing needs.


Janet Pomeroy, MSW
Janet Pomeroy, MSW

Janet has over 15 years of experience as a Medical Social Worker, assisting clients and facilities with their medical, social and care needs. Janet earned her Master's in Social Work from University of Georgia and offers a comforting and supportive style when working with her clients. She is able to find creative solutions and resources to challenging situations, with a focus on increasing a sense of wellness, reducing stress and honoring each individual's unique life journey.

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Published on March 27, 2019.