Bellevue Senior Care

We form a connection to the landscapes we live in. We build homes and raise children, we go to the markets, walk the beaches, sail on the Sound. Naturally, we want those landscapes to remain a vital part of our lives. Part of the fear of aging is that we will have to leave those landscapes and homes as we need assistance in our activities of daily living.

At Sound Options, aging in place is possible with our customized options for senior care and memory care in Bellevue, WA. Since 1989, Sound Options has helped families intentionally prepare for a long life lived well from generation to generation.

Senior Care in Bellevue
13.9% of the population of Bellevue is 65 years of age or older, as of the 2010 census. How will this growing percentage of the population impact and appreciate the city of Bellevue?

  • Bellevue is one of the state’s most highly educated cities with 62% of its population having a bachelor’s degree or higher. Aging in place in Bellevue means having a prosperous community full of events to engage the mind.
  • Bellevue’s housing values are among the 5th highest in the state, according to census information between 2010-2012. Aging in place in Bellevue means holding onto those valuable assets.  
  • Bellevue is a city of culture with a rich engagement with the arts and over 120 works of art just in the downtown area. Aging in place in Bellevue means having access to great music, culture, and art to feed your creative spirit.
  • Aging in place in Bellevue means having access to the landscape of the beautiful Puget Sound region.

- Statistics from US Census Bureau and City of Bellevue Website

Dementia / Memory Care in Bellevue
For loved ones and caregivers of those diagnosed with dementia, it is often the difficult behaviors that can present the biggest challenges. You may be familiar with some of the most common difficult behaviors associated with various types of dementia:

  • Wandering
  • Bursts of anger/ aggression/ uncontrolled emotions
  • Swearing / unfiltered comments
  • Hoarding
  • Repeated questions / disorientation
  • Resistance / non-compliance
  • Incontinence
  • Sleep difficulties

We are accustomed to judging people based on their behavior because we know people can control their behavior. Those parts of the brain that control behavior are what are impacted by dementia. Many people associate the disease with “memory problems”. In reality, dementia is an umbrella term for a range of brain diseases impacting all of the body functions including memory, speech, mobility, and decision-making. As family and caregivers, we have to start looking at difficult behaviors as symptoms of a disease—not expressions of a person.

Our Bellevue Caregivers

Our well-being is comprised of a complex web of needs. At Sound Options, we approach senior care and memory care with a model that seeks to serve the entire person—not just the healthcare needs. We integrate a team of in-home caregivers and professional Geriatric Care Managers who are Registered Nurses and Masters of Social Work. Together, they are able to provide care that addresses the whole person.

The coordination of this network is the cornerstone of our expert Care Management, Eldercare Counseling, Memory Care, and End-of-Life Care services. 

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