10 Secrets for Creating a Happy Long Life

10 Secrets for Creating a Happy Long Life :: From Dr. Deepak Chopra

  1. Intake fresh food,eat frugally, drink wholesome liquids, abstain from stimulants and sedatives, and have a bowel movement once a day.
  2. Maintain a high level of personal hygiene, get plenty of fresh air, sunlight and rest, have enjoyable leisure time, satisfying hobbies 
  3. Exercise, meditate, practice balanced refined breathing and yoga, listen to the body's signal of comfort and discomfort
  4. Work for a happy marriage, long-term relationship, have ability to laugh easily and to make friends and keep close friends
  5. Choose a congenial occupation, go on vacation every year, be optimistic about the future, feel financially secure and live within means
  6. Develop an easygoing personality, cultivate nonviolent behavior, have reverence for life 
  7. Live in temperate climate, enjoy a reasonable sex life, and get proper medical attention in case of illness
  8. Live in the present - accept what comes your way, appreciate it, learn from it and let go. Resisting the natural flow of things causes negative emotions 
  9. Relinquish external approval, avoid being judgmental, replace fear-motivated behavior with love-motivated one, nurture positive emotions and express them freely
  10. Always know the world outside is a reflection of your deeper intelligence - the real "you" is within


Published on August 24, 2015.