4 Tips for a Better Hospital Stay

No one wants to go to the hospital, but unfortunately as we age this becomes increasingly likely.  Seniors tend to have more hospital admissions than younger adults.  In order to be as comfortable in the hospital as possible, here are 4 tips. 

  1. Bring a friend, family member or professional care manager with you if you cannot comfortably advocate for yourself.  Ask questions, speak up and trust your instincts.
  2. Make names a must in all hospital interactions.  You are not “Bed 12-A” or “the bypass”! Know your nurses names and ask that they call you by the name you prefer.
  3. Ok, but really get to know your nurses and aides.  They make the difference between being comfortable or not!  Be sure to have the phone number of the nurses’ station in case your call button is not answered promptly.  Remember that nurses and aides assist many patients, so they may not be immediately available.   Call only when you really need something.
  4. Consider the hospital room your temporary home.  Be sure you learn how to operate the TV, phone, bed, and call button.  Make sure your room is a comfortable temperature and that you have enough blankets.   Hand sanitizer, facial wipes, mints, pens and pad of paper are nice to have as well within easy reach.

We hope these tips will help you partner more effectively with the hospital staff for a better stay. 

Published on December 15, 2018.