A Commitment to Wellness

HOOPLA Committee

At Sound Options, we are passionate about quality of life, both for our clients and for our staff. One of the great perks for working at Sound Options is that we are committed to creating a culture of wellness in our office. In 2013, we launched HOOPLA, a staff appreciation and wellness committee dedicated to celebrating employee life and well-being. That same year, the committee launched Being, a staff newsletter supporting employees to be their best selves through tips on health, wellness, and well-being. While we are all individually responsible for our own choices, it can be a great motivator to have a team of co-workers challenging you and cheering you on. All Sound Options employees also enjoy an employee assistance program, WellSpring Family Services. Here they can find counseling and further support and resources to address the personal and professional challenges that we all face. 


Kicking Off 2014

To kick off 2014, Sound Options held a healthy food feast. While staff were munching on decadent salads and enjoying our flavored water bar, we announced a Health Choice Challenge! Eleanor Roosevelt said, "in the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility." We took these words to heart and created a challenge for our staff. All the little decisions we make on a daily basis add up. It might be taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or staying hydrated throughout the day, or walking 30 minutes a day 3-5 times a week. These small things can help us maintain our well-being and fight off chronic diseases. Each time our staff participated in a healthy choice option, they get their name in the bucket to win a 1-hour massage. mmmm…… Making good choices never seemed so easy. The point is that as human beings we need little boosts of motivations and rewards along the way. We need to support one another as we grow and shape our lives as Eleanor Roosevelt so aptly put it.  

What Are Your Goals? 

What are you goals for 2014? Breaking up your goals into small manageable choices, and rewarding yourself along the way, is the way to bring about lasting change. Whether you are working in the healthcare field or are caring for an aging parent, it is so important that we take good care of ourselves so we can take good care of others. Join us in our commitment to wellness.  Good luck and good health to you in 2014!  


Published on January 24, 2014.