A Missing Dialogue

Peter Saul | TEDx Talk 


As we move into February, Sound Options is beginning a conversation about the most important conversation you may ever have. Speaking to our aging loved ones about how they would like to live out the latter portion of the lives, respond to emergencies, and their end-of-life wishes is so crucial, but the conversation just isn’t happening in our culture. This month, Sound Options is going to breakdown the components of quality planning, shed light on how to overcome the tough aspects of the talk, and give you resources for helping you and your family tackle this intimate and global issue.  

To kick off our discussion, we’ve included a TEDx Talk from Dr. Peter Saul. We can’t control if we’ll die, but we can “occupy death,” in the words of Dr. Peter Saul. He calls on us to make clear our preferences for end of life care -- and suggests two questions for starting the conversation. (Filmed at TEDxNewy.) Over the past 35 years Peter Saul has been intimately involved in the dying process for over 4,000 patients. He is passionate about improving the ways we die.


Dr. Peter Saul is a Senior Intensive Care specialist in the adult and pediatric ICU at John Hunter Hospital, and Director of Intensive Care at Newcastle Private Hospital in Australia.  After spending time as the Head of Discipline for Medical Ethics at Newcastle University, he is now a leading adviser to the State and Federal health departments.


Published on January 28, 2013.