About Mary Lynn Pannen

About Me (Mary Lynn Pannen)  

For as long as I can remember, I have had an intense interest in helping people and certainly one of the reasons I became a nurse. As a health care professional for 39 years I have devoted myself to the care of older adults.

Early on in my career, I saw a major need and many obstacles in the area of health care – combining compassionate, high quality care while supporting one’s independence. I think that is why I ended up where I am today, providing exactly what I saw was missing to seniors.  It’s also why I am such an advocate for others.  Providing education to clients on how they can have a voice as they navigate through life’s health challenges helps them become advocates for themselves and others.  This is very important to me and my personal mission – make it easy and available to others who need it and want it.

This is my passion. I am a care manager at heart. I have laughed, comforted, cried and given countless families a roadmap to caring for their loved ones.  I continue to learn everyday from my clients as needs, technology and life changes. I realized that aging challenges are universal and now I have a way to share what I have learned and experienced with others, like you.

My hope is this blog will be a place where I can share what I learned along the way and through your feedback, continue to keep learning and understanding what is truly important in geriatric care.  I also hope you “talk back” to me and share what is on your mind and in your heart – along with your “real life” experiences that will help others along this journey. I hope this will be your journey too where we can share our passion for our aging loved ones, our personal experiences and maybe a few good laughs.

Published on April 19, 2012.