And the Nominees Are...

When a loved one is ill or aging, we turn to the professional caregivers not just to help us with the every-day logistics of living, but also for the emotional support and positive presence to help us live well in our circumstances. So many families that we have served over the years have expressed a spirit of adopting their caregiver into the family. It is no wonder when these professionals become part of their family rhythm, dynamic, and wellbeing.

So what does it take to be an exceptional caregiver? Caregiving is one of the professions where it is not enough to be the most skilled. It is not enough to be well-educated and experienced. It requires a vulnerability to really see another human being and do intimate work with compassion, emotional intelligence, and resilience. As an aging society, we are deeply engaging the question, "who will care for us when the old outnumber the young?" We will need a robust caregiver force who are not only skilled, but who can hold space for family and aging adults to figure out what it means to live into their longevity well.

Health Care Providers Council of Pierce County is one organization that certainly understands the importance of quality caregivers in our community and the value of their contribution of work in how we work and live. Each year, they honor caregivers with their All-Star Caregiver Recognition Dinner. Clients, along with their family, attorneys, guardians, etc. are invited to nominate caregivers that have served them and stood out as the best of the best.

And the nominees are…
This year, Sound Options has a record number of nominees with nine of our finest caregivers being nominated! 

  • Kimberly McCartan
  • Lillian Khan
  • Promise Khan
  • Jane Ngugi
  • Lou Knox
  • Donna Begin
  • Adalie Cawich
  • Carole Mathis
  • Kathy Gaeth

We like to say that there is a big difference between care that keeps someone alive and care that brings someone to life. Each of these caregivers strive to make their encounters with clients not just a time to complete the list of needed tasks, but a time to make a connection, plan out days that bring joy and purpose, and support what makes life good for that unique client. To them, this is not above-and-beyond, it is the standard they call all of their colleagues in the profession to rise to. We are so proud of the ways these caregivers embody the spirit and values of Sound Options and the leadership they show among their colleagues and in their industry. We send the best of luck to each of the caregivers nominated this year and sincere thanks for the impact you have on the families that make up this community we love.  

HCPC Annual All-Star Caregiver Dinner

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 | 7pm-9pm
Weatherly Inn
6016 North Highland Street
Tacoma, WA 98406

For further details about this event and to purchase tickets, click here. 

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Published on May 4, 2015.