Announcing a New Position: Caregiver Liaison

Sound Options believes that exceptional care begins with exceptional employees. Each month, we highlight and share the story of one of our Certified Nursing Assistants who carries out the mission and values of Sound Options with professionalism, intelligence, and heart. This month, we shine the spotlight on Lou Knox and announce her promotion to a new position with Sound Options!  

After 9 years of services as a caregiver, it is our great privileged to announce that Lou Knox has been promoted to a new position within the company called the Caregiver Liaison. The purpose of the Caregiver Liaison is to cultivate the “Sound Options” way of being a caregiver by promoting a continuity of care across the board. Through training, one-on-one guidance, and support in the home, Lou will raise the bar to ensure all caregivers are brought up to a gold standard, comprised of service excellence, professional care and above-and-beyond attitudes.

In the coming weeks she will work closely with Home Care Supervisor, Rebecca Herrick to assist with immediate training needs. In order to curate the relationship with new clients as we build their trust and wow them with service excellence, Lou will be going out to first shifts with new clients. She will also be going out to work alongside new employees of Sound Options on their first shifts. Lou’s wisdom, know-how, and expertise in the care of the elderly all make her extremely qualified for the work ahead of her. We appreciate her loyalty and the way that she embodies the mission and values of Sound Options.

Lou Knox has lived in Tacoma for 30 years after coming from the California bay area where she was raised. When she is not working, you’ll find her reading, sewing, and working in her garden. She also loves to travel and has been on all 7 continents. Lou came to Sound Options 9 years ago with 40 years of experience as a CNA in many health care settings.

“Working with so many people over the years has shown me that everyone has something to teach, from the housekeeping staff to surgeons,” she said. She added that, “I have always taken the time to ask questions with a real interest in what I can learn from others.”  Lou’s hope is to support our caregivers in the field, to be a “voice in the wilderness” as she put it. “I would like to bring the caregivers’ needs and ideas back to the office to combine all their strengths while providing continuity and optimum client care,” she said.


Published on April 2, 2014.