Artful Aging: Sound Options kicks off April's Topic of the Month

Each month, Sound Options focuses on a hot eldercare topic through blogging, videos, eNews articles, newsletters, resources and more. April's topic is "Artful Aging". Throughout the month, we will be looking at the role that art plays in aging. Join us online on the SoundLife blog ( and on our Facebook Page (

  • Art Therapy & Recovery
  • When Words Fails Us- Dementia & Communicating without Words
  • Music Therapy 
  • Art Therapy for Alzheimer's 
  • Beyond Forgetting: Alzheimer's Poetry Anthology 
  • Creating a Life
  • Creative activities for seniors 
  • Why Style Matters in Old Age  
  • Local Art Resources
  • The Art of Eldercare
  • Stay tunned for more! 

Published on April 1, 2013.