Back to Family Basics - Are you ready?

While our country is struggling to dig out of the recession, families are spending more time together. For example, families are eating at home together and trying to watch how they spend money. Another observation I have made is that with the advent of a high unemployment rate, family members may find themselves caring for their older adult parents or loved ones. Some adult children are finding themselves totally unprepared for what that really means. How do I help mom with her bath? I don't know what resources in my community can help mom? What can I learn from the doctor? What medications is dad on? The questions and concerns adult children have are many.

If you find yourself in this place or having the opportunity to help your parent takes a bit of fore thought. First gather your information. What do I know about my parent and their needs? How do I gather this information? What will the doctor tell me? Over the next couple weeks, I will share with you the ways to do this and approaches to take. Just begin to think about how you would care for your parent.

Published on February 15, 2010.