Coming of Age in Aging America


Click the Video to see The Big Idea in 4 Minutes 

What will it mean for us all to grow up, live and age in a society where half the citizens are over the age of 50? Never in human history has this been our reality. And it’s not just Americans. Europe, China, Japan – we are an aging globe. It’s new and it’s not temporary – this is a permanent historic transformation. Coming of Age in Aging America is a PBS documentary and online engagement project that is presenting important facts and asking important questions about how we work, where we live, and how we will address these changing dynamics of our aging society. Click the video to watch the big idea in 4 minutes.

This extensive public media project aimed at creating conversation and action to productively shape America as an aging society. The project elements promoting this aim are:

  • A long form nationally broadcast PBS documentary
  • A fully built-out interactive and social networked website
  • A multi-year public engagement effort to be launched just prior to the broadcast

Characters, stories and revealing new research will carry the central themes of work, community and intergenerational relationships. We explore a Georgia community re-designing itself; a large medical system remolding its work environment under the banner of ‘A Life Well-Lived’ to retain older workers and invite younger ones; a classroom of young college students as they beginning to grapple with the idea of longer lives- intellectually and emotionally.

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Published on March 6, 2013.