Dad's Off His Game

"I just found out that Dad doesn't play golf anymore - I'm worried he's giving up a hobby that he really loves. How can I find out why he's doing this and what can I do to help keep him involved socially?"

The goal is to always continue to do the things we love as long as we can possibly do them! You may look into adaptive equipment that would help him better or more comfortably grip the golf club. Additionally, an occupational therapist could help him adapt his game. Working with a golf professional at a local golf center could help him assess and adapt his swing. If the issue is that walking the course if too much or impossible, encourage him to find a group of friends to share a golf cart rental. The social benefit of being with "the guys" on the course may even out-weight the physical act of playing a round. Encourage the social and friendship benefits over the score on the course.

Published on December 15, 2011.