Fathers and Finances

Adult children often find that discussing their aging parents finances with them is a big challenge. It seems to be a topic that makes just about everyone unconfortable.

So how do you get Dad to discuss difficult topics such as finances? A great way is to ask him to teach you how he does it. I know that can be hard for a lot of adult children who don’t want to be told what to do either – especially not by an aging father who may not have been all that good at supportive communication in the past. However – and this is a big however . . . learning is not really the point. Talking is. Having said that however, you will want to pick your topics carefully. If you’re a financial person then asking Dad to teach you basic finances will probably come across as just a tiny bit disingenuous! But there certainly are enough financial things going on that you can find a topic to ask his opinion about. Again . . . remember that the point is to open the lines of communication so stay away from controversial topics. But the point is to get Dad to talk about the topic and let you help. To do that, first he has to open up and appealing to his pride in passing on his knowledge is a great way to get him to do that.

Published on June 11, 2012.