February Caregiver of the Month


Sound Options believes that exceptional care begins with exceptional employees. Each month, we highlight and share the story of one of our Certified Nursing Assistants who carries out the mission and values of Sound Options with professionalism, intelligence, and heart. This month, we shine the spotlight on Amy Reynolds. 

Growing up, Amy Reynolds’s father worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. As such, she spent much of her childhood traveling the country and growing up on Indian Reservations. This experience left an important impression on Amy’s life. She spoke of how much she enjoyed the culture and respected how they treated elders, incorporating them in all activities.

Before becoming a caregiver for the elderly, Amy worked in a few different jobs. She was a grocery store manager and inventory controller in a warehouse. However, according to Amy, she found no gratification in these jobs. Amy came to Sound Options to work as a caregiver and has served    almost 7 years now and has found the meaning and gratification that she was searching for in her work. “As a caregiver,” she said, “you can touch people on a personal level and make a difference in their life.”

Amy is a single parent of four successful children. She has a younger son and two older boys who have full academic scholarships to Eastern Washington University. Her daughter has followed in her footsteps and has chosen private caregiving as her profession as well.

Amy is one of the best   advocates for clients that we have seen. She uses her strong voice to ensure that her clients get the best possible care. She recently provided total care to a client with several special requests. Amy accommodated each one, ensuring the client was able to maintain their lifestyle. Amy was the clients only companion outside of family and she was with the client when they passed, providing faithful care and companionship right to the end.

The family, though uneasy at first with the idea of caregiving, was completely won over by Amy’s kindness, and level of service to the client. Thank you for carrying out the mission and values of Sound Options so beautifully. You are an incredible part of the Sound Options team and we appreciate all that you have contributed to the lives of all the clients and families you have  cared for over the years.



Published on February 1, 2013.