Getting Mom Back on Her Feet

"Mom had a fall recently and now she's walking "like an old person" with great caution in every step. I fear this over-cautious behavior will actually cause her to have another fall. What can be done to help her regain her confidence?"

This is a great question because when someone has a fall you may see some injury or frailness as a result from the fall but you may also begin to see the psychological effects of the fall. A person may feel unstable or tentative getting around because they are fearful of falling again. In order to regain their confidence they really do need to become more physically fit. This may require some assistance at first with a walker which helps with security and balance. You may be able to engage the help of a physical therapist who will teach the person some simple exercises that will increase their strength and confidence. Anything that will get the person out of a chair and more active will be a good start. This can certainly be a process! Be patient but don't ignore the situation. The important thing is to keep moving toward an active life.

Published on December 15, 2011.