Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Sound Options!

Mother’s Day is a special time when we get to show our love and appreciation for the mom’s in our lives, whether they are our biological mothers or a special relative or friend who is a mom.  Sound Option’s wishes all of you a Happy Mother’s Day. 

We thought you might like some tips for how to make an older mom feel special:

  • Taking her for a scenic drive, or a tour of old neighborhoods. My grandmother enjoyed driving around areas in which she raised my mom, and then other areas where she grew up. We would have wonderful talks about what life was like when she was a girl, over ice cream sundaes.
  • Creating a memorable scrapbook. A few years before my mom passed away we took old photographs of her as a young girl, as well as pictures of her when my siblings and I were young. We copied them and pulled out old recipes of hers, and put everything together in a beautiful keepsake for a mother’s day surprise. We enjoyed chatting about the pictures and shared a lot of memories.
  • Taking her to worship. We like to spend Mother’s Day at church with my mother in law. It can be difficult for her to get to church on a regular basis, but on special days we really make the effort. It is nice to see her connect with people with whom she is familiar.
  • Asking her to help you out. Almost everyone wants to feel like she is still needed!  Depending on her physical abilities, you can work on planting flowers in outdoor pots, or bake bread together. Tell her that you are making a stew and you need to know which spices to use. Ask her for advice.
  • Following through on your promises. In our busy lives, it is easy to forget that elderly people cannot move around as quickly and do not have the commitments we do. If you tell your mom that you will come by to visit, or will phone - do so! She will be waiting and greatly disappointed if you forget.

There is no need to wait for a special occasion to do these things with your mother! Any time you can show her attention and spend time together is beneficial. Elderly people are very afraid of being forgotten, or being a burden. You can show love by helping to dispel these fears.

The team at Sound Options wishes you a wonderful Mother’s Day!


Published on May 11, 2012.