Getting the Home Winter-Ready

Fall and Winter bring numerous challenges for independent seniors living at home. Help your senior by covering the areas below. Make sure that their home is ready for the colder, wetter months ahead.  If you need additional help, our Care Managers are knowledgeable in constructing a plan of attack to fix these issues before they become bigger problems.

  • Ensure that all lights around the outside of the home are working properly and illuminate the correct area (entrances, stairs, etc.)
  • Turn off exterior faucets, preventing issues with frozen pipes when temperatures dip below freezing
  • Make sure that water drains well and that there are no areas of standing water (During colder months, these areas can become very slippery and pose as serious fall risks)
  • All gutters are clear of debris for maximum roof drainage
  • Doormats are usable and not frayed or damaged
  • Smoke and carbon detectors are in working order
  • Trees and bushes are trimmed to prevent any damage to the home during an untimely storm
  • Make sure there is a emergency kit within the house
  • All doors and windows are sealed and insulated properly to prevent warm air from escaping
  • Call a technician to look at the heating system and complete a diagnostics check

Published on October 2, 2016.