I'm a Mess & Worried about Dad

I'm worrying about my dad. My father lives in another town many miles from me. When I call him, he tells me the same thing over and over. I already know he is challenged by some memory issues. And he tells me that himself. He is worried about it. Me too. I want to offer him the respect he deserves as he has every right to make decisions for himself. I put myself in his position and totally understand that I too would want to remain independent. Then I think about the big BUT. But dad's memory is not good. He forgets to pay some bills - he is lonely - he confesses he has to be careful driving. Now my heart rate increases and I want to get on a plane and just fix everything. Worried? Yes! You want to do the best for your parent! Frustrated by distance? Yes. The emotion of being helpless can be overwhelming. What is the toll for you as a caregiver?

Those of us caring for our older adult parents are often at an age where we are now at risk. We can be prone to high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and sleepless nights, just to name a few. There is help for you as an adult child to guide you so that you can prevent anxiety, sleepless nights, high blood pressure. Get help through geriatric care specialist or care manager.

Published on March 25, 2010.