Indoor Activities for Seniors

Too many consecutive rainy days spent indoors can make us a little stir-crazy. Keep your seniors busy, motivated and excited about what project to begin next! Remember this is just a starter list, something to run with. Creativity goes a long way when you are planning activities for seniors!

Get Board, Not Bored

Try playing board games such as cribbage, Monopoly, or even The Game of Life! These games allow the senior to use their imagination, explore strategy, brush up on their counting skills and enjoy the thrill of victory! Along with keeping the mind sharp, board games can even help with hand-eye coordination.

Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are great because they require memory, vocabulary and writing. You can typically find a daily crossword puzzle in your local newspaper or you can find them online. If the puzzle is too small, find a copy machine and enlarge the puzzle so the senior has an easier time reading and solving.

Coloring / Painting

Let your senior explore their artistic side or reignite a former artist’s passion! Buy a coloring book specifically for seniors or find an online template that they might be interested in. If you are working with paint, just remember to tape newspaper over the worktable in order to prevent a mess.  This hobby is great because your senior can either give their works away as gifts or admire them within their own home setting.

Singing, Dancing, and Jamming Out

Let’s be honest, there is nothing like hearing your favorite song and losing yourself for those blissful 3 or 4 minutes. Music therapy is actually a preferred and widely used treatment for Alzheimer’s patients and those that suffer from other forms of dementia. A simple music subscription to Spotify, Apple Music, or Rhapsody/Napster gives you access to endless playlists. If you don’t know which subscription is for you, here is a great review


Preserving your senior’s cooking skills and trying new recipes will develop a sense of growth and passion for food. Obviously the goal is to prepare and cook healthy food (maybe some ice cream every now-and-then!). Well-thought-out meal planning can make it easier to determine what is for dinner and take the hassel of deciding last minute or having to gather the necessary ingredients. It also gives the senior something to look forward to. Try a few of our easy meals for seniors!

Published on October 4, 2016.