Joy to the World | Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Joy to the World: Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

When it comes to creating a high quality of life, having a sense of purpose, contribution, and connection to others can play a huge role. When we think of volunteer opportunities, large projects in faraway places come to mind, but the truth is there are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities suitable for a range of ages and abilities right in your backyard. Jo Babineau, pictured above at age 82, spends her mornings helping out as a volunteer for the Salvation Army.

Volunteering at any age can be a great way to:  

  • Get out in the community and meet needs  
  • Connect with a loved one by volunteering together
  • Mentally step outside of yourself and your own difficulties
  • Foster a sense of gratitude for what you have
  • Laugh and meet other people with the same values
  • Share your life experiences and wisdom with others
  • Stay active

If you are looking for a way to give back and contribute in some way to your community this holiday season, we’ve listed four large resources to find age appropriate ways to get involved in your area:  

Published on December 12, 2012.