JULY Caregiver of the Month

Sound Options believes that exceptional care begins with exceptional employees. Each month, we highlight and share the story of one of our Certified Nursing Assistants who carries out the mission and values of Sound Options with professionalism, intelligence, and heart. This month, we shine the spotlight on Lynn Puryear!

Lynn Puryear was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. Even from the time she was in high school, she knew that she wanted to be a nurse. That calling to care for others has continued to be a vital and joyful part of her work as a caregiver. 

When asked what makes a good caregiver she mentioned the large tasks of having empathy and really deeply listening. Sometimes though, it can be as simple as just holding a person’s hand. Those small gestures make an impact and leave an impression on clients.

When she is not working, you will find Lynn reading, gardening, and baking; however you will also find Lynn working on her car. At the age of nine years old she did her first oil change and just last week did a tune-up on her own car. Even in her hobbies you can see her well-developed attention to details and passion for caring for things 

and people. Especially for those who care for others professionally, it is so important that we all find those activities and connections that bring us enjoyment and help us to step outside of stressful and demanding situations.

According to Home Care Supervisor, Rebecca Herrick, “Lynn always picks up shifts when we call her. Since she joined Sound Options in October of 2014, she has been reliable and dependable. I also know when she is scheduled for a client that she will fit in ANY environment. She is so passionate about her job and I just adore working with her.”

Published on July 1, 2015.