Life Reimagined


In an aging society, we have a lot of reimagining to do. People are living longer and enjoying several careers in their lifetime. We must reimagine what the workplace looks like and who has purpose. As our longevity and vitality increase, we must reimagine what old age looks like. As more aging adults are living independently and defining their wishes, we must reimagine what end-of-life looks like.  AARP has created a wonderful free online resource called “Life Reimagined”. This website is an online tool for people to imagine new goals, achieve their dreams, and assimilate life change.

There are three main components to the site. One is a personalized process of reflecting and exploring your options. The Second is a social component connecting you with others to be a sounding board, give advice, and guide you along your journey. The third component is tailored videos and articles for each step of the process to provide inspiration and motivate from others who have changed their lives. It provides a fun- interactive process to:

Reflect: The practice of looking at where you are in life and how you feel about it.

Connect: Connecting with others helps you by creating a system that uniquely supports you. You can share your ideas and perspectives with a core group of trusted people.

Explore: Exploration is about freeing yourself to think broadly and honestly about where your life could go. It’s your change to learn more about how you want to take part in the world.

Choose: Choosing is the moment that sets direction and shapes your life. It’s the time to zero in on what’s important to you.

Repack: Repacking is the process of identifying what you need to succeed in your next step. It’s the time you add or remove priorities from your life.

Act: The methodology gets you ready to make things happen. Even if you have to circle back to one of the practices, it’s a natural part of being resilient so you can your best life.

The innovations of the Life Reimagined are powered by world-class though-leaders brought together at the Life Reimagined Institute. In their words,” Change is part of life. Life Reimagined has been created to help you navigate change no matter what situation you find yourself in. We’ll help you take the mystery out of change and discover your path to new possibilities. For details, visit,



Published on June 21, 2013.