MAY Caregiver of the Month

Sound Options believes that exceptional care begins with exceptional employees. Each month, we highlight and share the story of one of our Certified Nursing Assistants who carries out the mission and values of Sound Options with professionalism, intelligence, and heart. This month, we shine the spotlight on Patrick Lubwama!  

Patrick Lubwama is originally from Uganda.  In 2007, Patrick met his wife, Betsy, while he was visiting the US with his church group. They soon married and settled in Uganda. The transition was difficult for Betsy as she did not speak the language, and they moved back to the United States in 2009. Fearing the harsh winters of Betsy’s native Wisconsin, the couple chose to relocate to the milder climate of the great Northwest! While in Uganda, Patrick worked as a Medical Assistant working in the hospitals. After moving to the US, he trained to be a caregiver as Patrick really enjoyed interacting with patients. It was a natural transition for a skilled healthcare worker.

When asked what makes a good caregiver he said, “It is important to be flexible, and have a good sense of humor.” He went on to say, “I like being close to people, socializing, sharing experiences, and helping them through life’s challenges.”

When Patrick is not working, you’ll find him enjoying a good swim, traveling, spending time with his family, or reading. Back in Uganda, he was quite an avid soccer fan. He still enjoys the sport, but admits it is quite different here in the states. “I have learned so much since moving to the United States”, he said.

Thank you Patrick for your hard work. We hope that the relationships you build and the care you provide is rewarding work. We appreciate your dedication to your clients and are happy to have you on our team. We wish  you success in all that you do this year. 




Published on May 6, 2014.