Mothers & Daughters on Advanced Care Planning

As a society we spend a whole lot of time talking about quality of life... but rarely do we talk about quality of death. As part of our February topic of the month, "The Conversation", this video clip briefly shares the stories of two aging mothers and their daughters as they talk about advanced care planning, their vision for what they would like their end-of-life to be like and making decisions to create advance directives. 

If your loved one or family would like assistance in having difficult conversations together, our Eldercare Coaching services provide you with a professional guide. As an RN or MSW our experts in eldercare have assisted many families in knowing their options, navigating healthcare jargon, and infusing your loved one's advanced care plans with the wishes and values that have guided their lives. 


Reporter: Monique Schafter
Shooters: Aaron Smith & Ali Russell
Editors: Vaughan Smith & Nick McDougall

Published on February 8, 2013.