Retrain Your Brain: A Gratitude Challenge

Retraining Your Brain: A Gratitude Challenge  

In this day and age we are trained to turn our attention toward the negative and even the news is often a list of what went wrong that day. This November, Sound Options is making an effort to retrain our brains to scan our days for what went right, the positive, the optimistic, the beautiful, and the meaningful things that happen every day.  

Henry David Thoreau said, “We are always paid for our suspicion by finding what we suspect.” According to Price Pritchett, author of Hard Optimism, “the primary disadvantage of negative thinking is that it orients us toward what we don’t want, while obscuring the good that’s within our reach. The simple fact is that pessimism increases risk factors in our lives. In contrast, an optimistic mindset invites us into a brighter future…orients us toward solutions…energies us for successful action.”

The good news comes in the form of one long word: NEROPLASTICITY! Translation: our brains are capable of changing, adapting, and forming new neural connections as a result of our behavior and experiences. If you don’t already feel more powerful, maybe you should read that sentence again.  

In light of this, the staff at Sound Options has begun a 21-day Gratitude Challenge! During the days leading up to Thanksgiving, we are writing down 3 things every day that we are grateful for. This habit forming builds new “ruts in the road” for positive thoughts to easily travel in our brains.  JOIN US! As family caregivers, professionals in the healthcare field, or colleagues in the community, we are often under great stress to deal with very difficult situations. We encourage you to use gratitude as part of your own self-care plan to avoid burnout, and increase your health, productivity, and life enjoyment. Be well. Be Thankful. Game On.


Published on November 1, 2018.