Simple Costume Ideas for Seniors on Halloween

Halloween isn’t supposed to be that scary, so why do we always “freak-out” when we are trying to come up with great costume ideas?  Here are a few ideas for your senior to play along with during all the Halloween fun.

Face Paint

This is a very easy way to involve your senior in the festivities. On their cheek, paint a black cat, a pumpkin or a random ghoul! You can usually find face paint at Target or someplace similar, no need to go to a specialty store. Word to the wise: don’t over do it. You do have to take the paint off at some point!


A mask is perfect because your senior can put it on when people come over and easily take it off when those people leave. Masks are hilarious, cute, spooky, or creepy – it just depends what your senior wants to be.

Funny Hats

Much like masks, a simple hat can make a costume entirely. Does your senior want to be a wizard? How about a witch?  Adding a hat to your senior’s outfit can be very effective and of course, easy to wear.


Funny (or funky) glasses are ideal due to their convenience. You can find spooky bat glasses or make your own! Just make sure that the glasses don’t interfere with your senior’s eye sight and you will have a real winner of a costume accessory!

A Cape and Wand

Who wouldn’t want to be a magician? Certainly all those children will make your candy disappear! Have your senior’s costume go “poof” with a cape and a magician’s wand. Now all they need is a trusty assistant…

Beads or Costume Jewelry

Doesn’t your senior deserve a gold chain or a set of Mardi Gras beads? Keep the house party going on Halloween with a simple set of (over-the-top) costume jewelry.

An Orange and Black Outfit

At the end of the day, all your senior really needs is an orange and black ensemble. If you can manage to find a Halloween themed sweater, you have already won the evening. Halloween is about having fun and being comfortable, so this might be the best option of them all.

Remember to make sure your senior is safe on Halloween.  This is an exciting night in the neighborhood and they will surely want to participate in giving candy and interacting with all the children. We recommend spending this evening with your loved one: helping them walk to the door and handing out candy, all while maintaining their safety, as they will be opening the door to a number of strangers (no matter what they are dressed as). 

Published on October 5, 2016.