Should Dad be Driving?

"Mom still expects Dad to do all the driving but I'm really worried that his driving isn't what it used to be. How can I get her to realize this and take more responsibility for the driving?"

Many times the chauffeuring responsibilities switch between partners as they age. Ultimately, you hope that the person with the best reflexes, vision and responsiveness ends up behind the wheel. My primary recommendation here is that if you foresee a change in the driving responsibilities, or if you plan to intervene and remove or alter driving activities, you really need to have a strategy in place to meet the transportation needs going forward.

If you are really having doubts about your drivers abilities, an occupational therapist would be able to assess the issues. Additionally, you may find community or state run driving schools that offer refresher courses for seniors. It may be that an in-person assessment while driving along with some "coaching" reminders about driving safety would help in the short term.

Published on December 15, 2011.