Have You Seen a Silver Alert? What You Should Know.

If you have been driving around the Puget Sound over the last few weeks, you might have noticed a number of Silver Alerts displayed on the electronic highway signs.  Just yesterday, there was a Silver Alert issued for an Auburn man missing since Oct. 31. 

Silver Alert messages are sent to alert the public of a missing or endangered person who is over the age of 60. The Silver Alert includes a vehicle make, model, and color with the license plate number and state. Allow yourself to remember these simple bits of information because you might be able to identify the lost vehicle and help find someone’s family member.  Those who are lost are typically suffering from dementia or some other mental disability, so locating them early is extremely important.  

Washington State has been sending Silver Alerts since 2015. In 2016, 53 Silver Alerts were issued and all but two ended successfully. 

Those who are found too late serve as a reminder to always be cognizant of the alert system and drivers around us.  On Oct. 25, a missing Mount Vernon man was found deceased on a remote service road in Skagit County.  Ralph Tinsley was diagnosed with dementia and had been missing since Oct. 16.  Although rare, this instance is a harsh reminder of what seniors with dementia deal with on a daily basis.


Published on November 2, 2017.