Staying Calm in an Emergency: Video Blog

Alice Beckham, 91 | Calming Crafts 

In the last of our video series called "Absolutely Alice", Alice Beckham, 91, shares things she likes to make and how working with her hands can be calming. September is Emergency Preparedness Month and as we look inside our emergency kits to tailor them to seniors, we may want to consider a few items beyond the basics. Staying safe and meeting basic needs are the first priorities in an emergency; however, it is also important to stay calm and pass the time as you wait for further instructions or the return of utilities. Here are a few ideas to consider adding into your home emergency kit to help you manage the stress and pass the time during an emergency: 

  • Puzzle book like Sudoku or Crossword
  • Copies of favorite poems or pieces of a sacred text 
  • Favorite book
  • Craft like knitting or crocheting ( choose simple projects with very few supplies)
  • Battery powered music player with calming music  
  • Pen and paper for journaling, drawing, or taking vital notes
  • Favorite long-lasting candy like M&Ms

The presence of these items can be a helpful reminder to take good care of your mind in an emergency and if you should need to leave your home, it is helpful to have a bit of normalcy in your kit. What would you want to in your kit to help you remain calm in an emergency?  



Published on September 12, 2014.