Staying Safe and Having Fun: Seniors Celebrating Halloween

Happy Halloween!

For many families Halloween is a wonderful excuse to play, dress up, give (and receive) candy and enjoy a good laugh with friends. However, for those who may have dementia, Halloween can be a disorienting day. Unexpected knocks at the door, or loud noises in the neighborhood can disrupt daily routines and cause anxiety for some.  

Here are a few tips for having a safe and positive Halloween:

  • Remind your loved one that it is Halloween and to expect lots of foot traffic (if that is customary for their neighborhood). Post your phone number by the phone and remind them to call you if they have any concerns.
  • If you do not want to have trick-or-treaters come to the door, it is customary to turn off your outside porch lights. You may also hand a sign on the door requesting no visitors please.
  • Be festive. There is more than one way to celebrate Halloween. Try throwing a harvest-party for loved ones and have a soup bar for guests to try multiple varieties of unique & favorite soups.
  • Decorate the house together with pumpkins, leaves and other festive décor. Encourage storytelling of costumes they once wore, Halloween pranks or family gatherings.
  • If your loved one does enjoy the time-honored tradition of handing out treats and candy, do it together. Having a group gathering will increase home safety and a sense of security.
  • Arrange a game night with friends and play old favorite party, board and card games.
  • Get a craft group together. Set up a table for people to make cards, knit, scrapbook, paint pumkins, etc. 
  • Have a classic film movie night with old favorites like Singing in the Rain or Casablanca. 

Be Well. Be Safe. Happy Halloween from Sound Options!  


Published on October 31, 2016.