Success Story Saturday

Every Saturday, we give voice to the many success stories that come from our clients and their families by posting their words on our Facebook page. This very special letter paints a picture of the impact and relief that adult children experience as a result of our caregivers: 

It has been my pleasure over the period of the last year or so to count on the reliable assistance that our Sound Options caregiver provided my elderly father at his residence. Since my mother passed away in 2007, my dad has lived alone and has become progressively less able to take care of his home and personal needs because of cognitive and physical limitations. He also lost the ability to drive his own vehicle about two years ago. Sound Options stepped in and the caregiver took care of many of my father’s critical needs on a regular basis.

"I am an only child, employed full-time, and my own home is 62 miles away from my father." 

Still, I have routinely made it a point to drive there at least every other week for my dad’s medical needs and to shop and pay bills. Given the distance involved, it is easy to see that I can have difficulties always ensuring my dad is okay. The telephone is a great help here, but nothing beats eyes on site, and my father is often unable to report reliably on how things are going because of his cognitive limitations.

The caregiver first began her work at my dad’s house on a once-a-week basis and, at the time her career direction recently necessitated her leaving, she was proving in-home care services four times per week. She has been a great help with cleaning, laundry, and cooking hot meals for my father. From the first visit I could always depend upon her to call me soon after her arrival and let me know how things looked and how my dad was doing.

She has always impressed me with her caring attitude and desire to make certain my dad was getting the things he needed. Among other items, this meant that I could depend on having a list of groceries and other necessities already compiled for me when I arrived at my father’s doorstep. She was always looking out for dad’s best interests, and I think this is a telling hallmark of an excellent caregiver. I am convinced that she has the three C’s of home care services nailed: care, compassion, and communication.

Adult Child of Client in Bothell 


Published on November 15, 2013.