Technology Driving Quality: Sound Options Builds Elite Team of Caregivers


Technology Driving Quality: How Sound Options Builds an Elite Team of Caregivers


Private vs. Agency Hired Caregivers

Sound Options believes that providing the highest quality care and customer service begins with hiring the highest quality employees. When looking for a caregiver, many families are tempted to hire privately in order to save money. While going through an agency for a caregiver may be more expensive, the value and reduced risk are clear. When making the choice between an agency and privately hiring a caregiver it is crucial to weigh the risk, time, and financial ramifications of each choice.

The Value of a Caregiver Hired from Sound Options:

  • The Human Resources Department at Sound Options recruits and vets the best candidates using state-of-the-art technology, competency exams, certification verification, and interviews.
  • National background checks are conducted on applicants to ensure the safety of the client
  • All Sound Options’ caregivers participate in mandatory continuing education.
  • Sound Options conducts caregiver payroll appropriately offering wages, paid time off, health benefits, and 401(k) options to attract and keep the best employees
  • Sound Options provides professional supervision and supervisory visits to each caregiver and conducts coaching as needed.
  • Sound Options is responsible for all taxes
  • Sound Options provides a backup caregiver should the regular caregiver be sick, have an emergency, or go on vacation.
  • Sound Options is licensed and bonded.


 The Liability of a Caregiver Privately Hired by the Family:

  • The family is responsible to recruit and hire a candidate with no verification of their state certifications.
  • No national background check is conducted
  • No continuing education is done with the caregiver
  • The family is responsible for payroll and benefits
  • The caregiver will receive no professional supervision and the family is responsible to resolve misunderstandings or instances of misconduct.
  • The family is responsible for all taxes
  • The family is responsible to arrange backup care or take off of work if a private caregiver is late or sick
  • The family is not licensed and bonded 


A New Technological Tool

In an effort to continually find the best caregivers possible, Sound Options has introduced a new component to our application process called Care Profiler. All Certified Nursing Assistants looking for a career as a caregiver with Sound Options will begin their application process by taking an in-depth compatibility assessment. It is able to predict work styles, cognition, personality traits and more. This unique tool will be used to assist in hiring the best caregivers available as well as matching the right caregiver with the right family. We all know how difficult compatibility can be, especially when clients are vulnerably inviting others into their home to provide intimate care and companionship. Care Profiler includes a special questionnaire we give to our new clients/families so we can understand the type of caregiver they are looking for.    

Celebrating our Caregivers

June 13th kicks off Nursing Assistant Week. As an agency that hires Certified Nursing Assistants as caregivers, we are thrilled to celebrate the difference their work makes in the lives of elders and families throughout the Puget Sound. Their compassion, professionalism, and know-how, usher in joy, safety, and a higher quality of life for our clients. We could sing the praises of our caregivers, but our families say it best:

“You sent an angel! The caregiver is very skilled, knowledgeable and in control of the situation. Thank you for providing such kind caregivers! I am once again reminded of what a great company Sound Options is and all because of the people that work there.”
Clare, Adult Child in Tacoma, WA

“The entire family wanted you to know how much we appreciate what the caregivers both did and how this reflects the dedication, care and concern we have seen them exhibit so many times with my mom over the years.”
Adult Child, Heather from California with Mother in Lakewood, WA

“The caregiver was always respectful of my parent’s privacy and their lifestyle yet never neglecting the care that was needed. She learned their food preferences and took delight in learning new recipes and ways of preparing meals.” Adult Child, Mike in Gig Harbor, WA 

Published on May 29, 2013.