Top 5 Friday: Online Resources for Dementia Caregivers

It is Top 5 Friday! Every month, we share the top 5 online resources you need to know about when tackling a particular topic in elder care. As part of Sound Option’s November’s topic of the month, we are sharing 5 online resources to help dementia caregivers find the resources and care they need.

Dementia has become one of the great epidemics of our time impacting families throughout the United State and the world. Families are asking many questions like, can we provide care? What challenges will we face? Can we financially pay for care? Should we move aging parents in with us? Sound Options is sharing 5 resources for family caregivers who are caring for a loved one with dementia. Education about the disease, support groups, respite care, and access to expert guidance is all a click away.  

1. Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Center
Find information for the different stages of dementia caregiving, online support groups, training, and day-today-help.

2. Caregiver’s Guide to Understanding Dementia Behaviors by the Family Caregiver Alliance: National Center on Caregiving:
 Find help and information on difficult behaviors and tips for dementia communication in this guide. 

3. Eldercare Locator: Find respite care for family caregivers. The Administration on Aging offers this directory of home and community services by state and Area Agencies on Aging.

4. Help Guide: Support for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregivers is found from this non-profit resource. Find articles on coping with stress and burnout, preparing for Alzheimer’s care, and more.

5. Sound Options:
They offer both the in-home memory care and the professional care management to give you access to RN and MSW eldercare experts who can help create a plan for the future that meets the needs of your family. Their blog also provides several articles on a variety of elder care topics including caring for parents, Dementia and Alzheimer’s, finances, advocacy, culture, home safety, and much more. Find a Geriatric Care Manager anywhere in the United States at

Published on November 21, 2014.