Top 5 Friday- Online Resources for Senior Health & Longevity

What is the first thing we do when we need help or don't know what to do? We go online and research the problem. Each month, Sound Options is sharing a few online resources, from websites to blogs, that you need to know about in your search for care advice, know-how and connection. Each Top 5 Friday will center on a different eldercare theme.  

 Go4Life From the National Institute on Aging, Go4Life is an exercise and physical activity campaign designed motivate and help seniors to stay active, increasing endurance, strength, balance, & flexibility.


Stanford Center on Longevity Their mission is to redesign long life. The center looks for innovative way to use science and technology to solve the problems of people over 50. 


WebMD 50+: Live Better, Longer www.webmd/healthy-aging This blog has important tips and articles on hot topics from longevity diets, to safe sex, to heathcare. 


NIH Senior Health
Health and wellness videos, stories, and tools for older adults from the National Institutes of Health.


The American Geriatrics Society Foundation website, www.healthinaging.orgoffers information on the health and care of older adults for caregivers and consumers. Their info. on diseases can help you manage multiple conditions.


Published on March 15, 2013.