Top 5 Ways to Connect with Sound Options through Technology


Sound Options is continually using technology to educate and empower our clients, colleagues, and community with eldercare resources. Here are the top 5 ways to get access to this information from the eldercare experts online!  

1. Website & SoundLife Blog { }

Find information about the company, services, and access our SoundLife Blog Articles full of resources, fresh ideas, inspiration, timely topics, and eldercare tips.


2. Facebook Page { }

Here, we are equipping families and professional colleagues with educational eldercare articles, videos, and inspiration.  


3. Pinterest Boards { }

Our boards house articles, inspirational quotes, infographics, and inspiring photos on topics like Dementia & Alzheimer’s, Baby Boomers, Difficult Conversations, Health & Wellness, Aging in Place, Aging Society, Quality of Life Sandwich Generation, Eldercare Planning and more.


4. YouTube Channel { }

Enjoy how-to videos and resources from the experts in eldercare.


5. eNews: Monthly Newsletter { CLICK HERE to sign up }

Each month we tackle an engaging topic in eldercare and deliver a newsletter with articles, resources, and videos right to your inbox. Whether it is Music & Dementia, Technology Changing Eldercare, or the challenges of longevity, we equip families and professionals with pertinent know how to stay informed and get the help they need. CLICK HERE to sign up!   

Published on June 14, 2013.