Summer Getaways: Washington Wine Country

The Washington Wine country is internationally known and a beautiful place for seniors to travel to during the summer months. Rolling golden hills, snaking rivers and the dry heat of eastern Washington is quite a contrast to the green and much cooler Puget Sound.  

Staying in wine country can be a wonderful experience. With an abundance of lodging options from ordinary to unique, you won’t have an issue with finding a place to sleep.  If you don’t want to visit wineries the entire time, attractions like the REACH Museum or art exhibits in Walla Walla offer other cultural activities.

Yakima Valley is a warm, sun-soaked region that boasts many award-winning wines. The volcanic soil and ideal temperatures has allowed for over 50 member wineries to blossom over the last few decades. 

The Tri-Cities region houses the bulk of the region’s population. Sitting at the confluence of three major rivers (the Yakima, the Columbia, and the Snake River), this area has nearly 200 vintners within a 50-mile radius.

Just east of the Tri-Cities, Walla Walla is another region that receives favorable warmth during the summer. This are has great wine, including Horsepower Vineyards Sur Echalas Vineyard, voted the best Washington wine in 2015. In fact the top 4 wines on that list are from Walla Walla.


Published on June 3, 2016.