What to Get Mom & Dad? Gift Giving Guide for Adult Children

As adult children, it can be difficult to know what gift to get an aging parent for the holidays. Many aging adults are downsizing and don’t really need more stuff, while other gifts can feel too gimmicky and stereotypical. Not to worry. We have compiled sophisticated and meaningful options into a gift giving guide for baby boomers and beyond:

For the Nostalgic Memory Keeper

  • Compile books or films from a favorite decade like the 1940’s
  • Put together a collection of CD’s of music they enjoy
  • Have photos or old video footage converted to a digital format to preserve for future generations. Have a multi-media presentation of created that tells their story through old photos and candid film.
  • Print a few select family photos from the year and put them in a box with scrapbooking materials for them to customize.  

For the Life-Long Learner

  • Find community classes that are open to seniors 65+ for a reduced fee. Look for classes on their interests such as history, technology, crafting, etc.
  • Give a coupon for a hosted dinner/ armchair travel night. Cook authentic recipes from a country they visited. Lay out traditional décor and music from the country and display photo. Encourage sharing stories of their trip.
  • Gather books or documentaries on a favorite vacation destinations to learn more of its history and how it has changed over the years.
  • Help your loved one find and download new podcasts or online classes they would enjoy regularly listening to on their iPad or iPod or computer.

For the Cultured   

  • Put together gift certificates to local museums
  • Find tickets to a musical event such as the symphony, opera, theatre production they would enjoy.
  • Renew a membership to a club, independent movie theatre, bookstore, or other organization they frequent.
  • Purchase a few books by a favorite author or an audio book of their favorite poet reading their work.
  • Make a family film festival. Watch 3-4 old films over the holidays and vote for best actor/ actress/ best picture/ best soundtrack etc. Choose a theme for the films such as musicals, military films, comedies, romantic classics, or films before 1960.

For the Artist   

  • Put together a basket full of supplies they regularly use such as paint, brushes, pencils, paper, watercolors, etc.
  • Put together a list of blogs or books about their art of choice.
  • Type out a few writing prompts or questions about their life for them to write about.
  • Purchase lessons or a workshop on a craft they would like to learn

For the Pampered    

  • Put together a cozy kit with a new sweater or blanket & set of favorite teas or coffees.
  • Renew a favorite magazine subscription
  • Schedule a massage for a loved one
  • Have a spa day to get their hair/nails done

Sound Options wishes you and your family a season of comfort and joy. The best gift you can give your aging loved one is your time and attention. Whatever is under the tree this year, take time to connect with those you love. 

Published on December 1, 2015.