Why We Do What We Do

For all the similarities in the way we age as human beings, we are shaped so uniquely from one another. Every mind, every body, every life story is so different. There is no standardized road map to aging well. We are figuring out our longevity on the road from generation to generation.

Why We Do What We Do

What we do know is that in the midst of uncertainty, families need to be accompanied on their journey of aging. They need to have their stories witnessed. They need reprieve, compassion, and the very best information to make difficult decisions. They need someone to laugh with, to ask hard questions with, and to call in the middle of the night. 

To accompany someone on their journey doesn’t mean only showing up to meet a need when they ask for it. It doesn’t mean cheering from the sidelines and handing out small cups of water. It means being present for all of it, each mile of the journey. It means anticipating the need, investing in the outcome, and acting as a guide.

Let’s go togetherIt would be our great honor to accompany you.

What We Believe: 

  • We believe people should never be thrown away regardless of age or ability.
  • We believe people should be accompanied into old age and have their vision and goals supported.
  • We believe our exceptional care and attention help make a complex healthcare system work for older adults.
  • We believe aging adults and chronically ill persons should have a non-institutionalized option for care.
  • We believe there is a difference between care that keeps someone alive and care that brings someone to life.
  • We believe families deserve a high quality of life and shouldn’t have to face eldercare challenges alone.

What We Do

The world feels increasing complex. For those providing or seeking out care for an aging loved one, we offer elegant care options that simplify the journey and meet the need well.

Our elite team includes:

  • Care Managers: These RN or MSW professionals specialize in the care of aging adults and chronically ill persons. They oversee care with a clinical and compassionate eye to create and manage a plan of care. By coordinating every aspect of care from doctor appointments to managing medication, they relieve families from the responsibility of becoming an expert in elder care and allow them the space to just be family.
  • In-Home Caregivers: These Certified Nursing Assistants provide hands-on care within the home whether you need a few hours of assistance a week or 24-hour care. With the oversight of a Care Manager, our in-home care offers an alternative to the institutionalized care settings and makes aging in place a safe option in the Puget Sound region.

For 25 years, Sound Options has been driven by our convictions and passion for quality care. Come get real help from real people in real time. 800.628.7649 

Published on September 1, 2014.