Complete Care Solutions for AI and IL Facilities

Geriatric Care Managers at Sound Options are experienced Registered Nurses and Masters of Social Work who specialize in the holistic care needs of aging adults and vulnerable individuals with chronic illness.

Benefits for Assisted and Independent Living Facilities

Add a layer of concierge healthcare service to your vibrant community by partnering with Sound Options who can:   

  • Increase resident retention through providing private in-home care and care management for complex needs
  • Reduce readmission rates and cycles of hospital-rehab-home
  • Guide families through difficult decisions and provide crisis management
  • Mediate family dynamics, disputes, and concerns to find positive solutions that maintain trust and open communication between family and facility
  • Provide transitional care during a recovery from a surgery, illness, or fall
  • Provide on-site memory care to accommodate Alzheimer’s and dementia clients with caregivers trained to understand and address difficult behaviors such as wandering, difficult communication, paranoia, yelling, inappropriate speech or behavior, etc.
  • Liaison between doctors and members of the care team to ensure proper medication and care changes.
  • Improve quality of life and engagement of residents in activities 

Caregivers at Sound Options are Nursing Assistants certified with the state who undergo extensive skills and personality testing as well as ongoing training and continuing education. Sound Options makes wherever your residents call home, the safest and best place to live well by providing a wide range of care services available 7 days a week from 3hours-24hours a day:    

  • Remain Independent
    Just having a little help will allow you to age in place and stay in the home you love.
  • Do What you Love
    Hobby support, companionship services, newspaper or mail reading, exercise or walking partner, accompaniment and transportation to art museums, clubs, or concerts
  • Get Out There
    Errand running, lunches and outings, grocery shopping, transportation to doctor appointments, the pharmacy, family gatherings or the salon
  • House and Home
    Light housekeeping, laundry, bed dressing, organizing and unpacking, pet and plant care
  • Rise and Shine
    Start your day right with a personal check-in, dressing assistance, bath and grooming assistance, or meal preparation.  
  • On the Ball
    Medication reminders, review of daily activities and appointments
  • Smooth Transitions
    Recently coming home from the hospital? Welcome home! Let us help you make a smooth transition by lending a hand while you recover. 

Common Scenarios:

Issue: John lives in Gig Harbor. His mental health and physical behavior has become unmanageable and embarrassing for John. The family is in denial which is adding to the complexity.
Solution: A Care Manager from Sound Options involves all parties to mediate this sensitive situation, create a plan going forward, and exhaust all possible care solutions before thinking about a move.

Issue: Residing in Seattle, Jill has been in a whirlwind the past 60 days, going from home to hospital, to rehab and soon into an assisted living community. She and her family are anxious, stressed, and exhausted.
Solution: A Care Manager from Sound Options steps in to relieve the burden that Jill’s family is balancing by advocating on her behalf, establishing clear roles, and managing her care. In addition, a caregiver stays with her overnight the first week to ensure a smooth transition.

Issue: George is receiving substantial care in his community, but since his fall it is not enough to guarantee his optimum safety and top quality of life. George lives in Bellevue and wants to find the best local care.
Solution: Sound Options assess the situation in conjunction with the wellness staff in the community. A Sound Options caregiver assists George with specific one-on-one needs that allow him to stay in his current community with his friends and community of support. 

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