Complete Care Solutions for Attorneys & Guardians

Geriatric Care Managers at Sound Options are experienced Registered Nurses and Masters of Social Work who specialize in the holistic care needs of aging adults and vulnerable individuals with chronic illness.

Benefits for Elder Law Attorneys and Guardians

Care for a life is complex. As eldercare experts, we are a guiding force for attorneys and guardians in complex care situations, whether it is an elderly client with dementia or a young person with a traumatic brain injury. Our expertise and resources can save time, money, and stress as we:

  • Collaborate with attorneys and develop a plan of care that ensures appropriate care and a high quality of life
  • Navigate the maze of healthcare, long-term care, benefits, and insurance.
  • Advocate in hospital and facility settings to manage crises and provide transitional care
  • Educate family and guardians on prognoses and provide valuable information to make good care decisions.
  • Coordinate care with a proactive approach and oversee complex physical and psychological care needs
  • Mediate difficult family dynamics to facilitate good communication and honor our client’s wishes.
  • Consolidate Communication to a single point of contact providing thorough and consistent reporting.
  • Manage healthcare costs and benefits for cost-effective care and use of trust funds
  • Recommend legal needs to family such as setting up a Durable Power of Attorney, Advance Directives, Living Will, Living Trust, Guardianship, etc.
  • Testify to the level of care needs and costs for a client and review medical records     

Add a Layer of Healthcare to Your Practice

When a client’s healthcare and long-term care is out of the scope of your practice, call the experts.  At Sound Options, we enable aging and vulnerable adults to have the highest quality of life possible, no matter the challenges.

Our highly skilled team, comprised of RN and MSW Professional Care Managers, provides a keen assessment of the client, the environment, and family dynamics to create and oversee a plan of care that supports safety as well as stable care and living. Our in-home care also provides a crucial element of overall safety and long-term care for assistance with daily living. 


“Sound Options performed wonderfully in this difficult situation, and we hope to work with you again.”
Seattle Attorney

"Your ability to provide quick and compassionate advocacy was fabulous.” 

“I want you to know that your work for my client has been excellent. As you know it can be challenging to allow a person to live in an environment that may have risks and deficiencies. You are THE BEST at helping guardians deal with a situation like this. Many thanks!" 

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