Complete Care Solutions for Trust Officers

Geriatric Care Managers at Sound Options are experienced Registered Nurses and Masters of Social Work who specialize in the holistic care needs of aging adults and vulnerable individuals with chronic illness.

Benefits for Trust Officers & Personal Injury Attorneys

  • Budget management and reporting for long-term care and healthcare spending from special needs trusts
  • On-going Care Management for complex cases and care needs
  • Long-term care to maintain independence and safety in the home
  • Coordinated care for complex cases
  • Mediate difficult family dynamics to facilitate good communication and honor client’s wishes and needs
  • Advocate in the hospital and facility settings to manage crises and provide transitional care
  • Life care planning services from Mary Lynn Pannen, RN, BSN, CCM and Ginger Hurt, CRC

What triggers the need for Professional Care Management and/or in-home care?

  • Work accident causing disability
  • Medical malpractice injury
  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Physical or psychological disability
  • Chronic illness such as ALS, MS 
  • Alzheimer’s or other dementia
  • Stroke
  • Advanced age

Case Study: Positive Outcome for a Paralyzed Young Woman

When a young woman was paralyzed after a car accident, she was hospitalized for a year and transferred to a rehab center and then a skilled nursing facility where she would spend the next 3 years. In her late twenties, it was a gloomy and socially isolating place as everyone else was much older. Family visited rarely, she wouldn’t eat with anyone, and spent most days playing video games in her bed. Chronic monthly urinary tract infections (UTI) contributed to her discomfort and isolation.

When a new trustee for her private trust found a home for the young woman, he knew he would need professional help making the transition. The Care Manager from Sound Options was able to arrange for proper equipment, shower area, Hoyer, wheelchair accessibility, and in-home care. The caregiver, trained in proper catheter care, has helped her go three years without a UTI. The young woman started swimming, has physical therapy 3 times a week, goes to movies, and has BBQs at her house with her family. A plan of care was developed by the RN Care Manager to ensure continuity of care and quality of life.   

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