Complete Care Solutions for Families

If you are wondering whether homecare or care management is right for your elder or loved one, here are some typical reasons to investigate these options:

  • Distance Caregiving: Your aging parents live more than an hour away and you believe they are struggling to manage day to day activities
  • There has been a specific change in a senior's health (stroke, heart attack, diagnosis of a chronic condition like diabetes or Parkinson's)
  • Mediating family meetings: Siblings are not in agreement on a plan of care for an elderly parent
  • A family caregiver needs a break: you want to help but aren't sure how
  • Your aging parents will not discuss their health and/or financial situation with you
  • Your family has had a change in condition (new baby, job loss, moving, health change) and you can no longer provide the support you offered in the past
  • An aging parent's dementia is increasingly difficult to manage
  • Hospice/end of life care has been recommended and you are not sure what that means
  • Your parent seems depressed; is it boredom, loneliness or something more serious?
  • A medical crisis occurs

Sound Options has the answer even when you aren't sure what to ask! Since 1989 Sound Options has provided the expertise of professional Care Managers trained to problem solve health care challenges. Most people surveyed indicate they would prefer aging in place to care in a facility; there is no place like home for growing old. Sound Options will help you determine what help is needed and where to find it. Contact us today to get started.

Success Stories 

"My caregiver from Sound Options is the Platinum standard to which all home health aides should be measured. She brought a positive attitude, strong work ethic, knowledge, sense of humor, and an uncanny instinct of assessment every time she came into my home. She went above and beyond to make sure I was well cared for, and that my every need was addressed. Because of her, my recovery period was enjoyable.  She filled our time together with wonderful anecdotes, singing, companionship, and the absolute capability that enabled me to focus on relaxing and letting myself heal. She is a true gem that is rare in this bare-minimum world." Client in Bellevue

“Sound Options came highly recommended to us. I appreciate that they provide me with rest, which I need. The caregiver shows her good work ethic by her willingness, friendliness, and intelligence toward my son. She is very accepting and open with him and is very trustworthy and not reluctant to follow my regime on how to care for him. The caregiver shows real humanity toward my child and treats him as an important individual. We started off slowly into the services because we did not want to bombard my son with too much change. I noticed after the second week that he felt connected with the caregiver. We are very family-oriented people and so is the caregiver that we have. That is really important to us. I have felt like I have known the caregiver my whole life, and I feel fortunate to have her with us.” Mother of Client in Tacoma 

"I am an only child, employed full-time, and my own home is 62 miles away from my father. Given the distance involved, it is easy to see that I can have difficulties always ensuring my dad is okay. The caregiver has been a great help with cleaning, laundry, and cooking hot meals for my father. From the first visit I could always depend upon her to call me soon after her arrival and let me know how things looked and how my dad was doing. She has always impressed me with her caring attitude and desire to make certain my dad was getting the things he needed. Among other items, this meant that I could depend on having a list of groceries and other necessities already compiled for me when I arrived at my father’s doorstep. She was always looking out for dad’s best interests, and I think this is a telling hallmark of an excellent caregiver. I am convinced that she has the three C’s of home care services nailed: care, compassion, and communication." Adult Son of Client in Bothell