Helpful Tips for Incontinence Care On-the-Go

         How to Help When Accidents Happen:

  • Be sure to follow a toileting schedule (every 2 hours).
  • Be sure clients are dressed in clothing that is easy for them to remove for toileting.
  • Be sure to have incontinence pads handy in your vehicle, especially if you know the client has had episodes of incontinence. It is your responsibility as a caregiver to be aware of your client’s needs and be prepared for accidents to happen. Please call the office if you need incontinence pads for your client. (Incontinence pads can be reused if not soiled).
  • Try to overcome embarrassment and use humor to diffuse anxiety in tense situations. The shame and embarrassment caused by incontinence are stressful for both your older adult and you. Treating it as a normal part of life will ease tension for both of you. Reassure them that it’s ok and take a matter-of-fact approach to cleanup. You could say “Don’t worry; accidents happen. Let me help you clean up and change into some clean, comfy clothes.”
  • Be sure to have an incontinence kit available with your essentials in your vehicle when you are working and transporting clients in your vehicle. Make sure to have gloves, incontinence pads, and if needed, a change of clothing for client, just in case.
  • Sound Options will provide 2 incontinence pads and gloves to all current caregivers. If more are needed and client is out, please contact the office immediately.


Please feel free to contact me so we can set up a time for you to come in and get supplies.

Welella Anebo

Home Care Liaison