Sound Options History

Sound Options was founded in 1989 by Mary Lynn Pannen as a compassion-driven care resource for seniors and others in need. Integrating a whole family approach, Sound Options has a deep respect for clients as well as their loved ones. Committed to balancing care with independence and support with dignity, Sound Options' multidisciplinary approach delivers sound results to clients nationwide. A natural outgrowth of her work as a Registered Nurse (RN) and private consultant for nursing, geriatrics, and medical legal reviews, Mary Lynn based her model for Sound Options on her more than thirty-five years of hands-on experience working with patients and families. Originally founded as a Geriatric Care Management service, by 1990, Sound Options had grown into one of the premier resources for corporate clients looking to include care options as part of their employee benefit package. In 1999, Sound Options formally launched WorkLife, a program designed to help companies promote stables families and a productive workplace through support, education, and access to in-depth, customized telephone consultations. In 2005, Sound Options expanded its reach by adding In-Home Care and Elite Live-In Care to our list of services. Designed specifically to address the daily needs of our clients living in the Puget Sound area, In-Home Care and Elite Live-In Care are comprehensive senior care services that work directly with families and their loved ones to customize successful, productive plans of care.

Through our Care Management and In-Home Care, Sound Options successfully serves individuals and their families, disabled adults, the geriatric population, and professionals such as attorneys and trust officers who are responsible for the care of adults and chronically ill children. In addition, we draw from years of experience with EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) based in the greater Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue to develop customized solutions that support workplace groups. Our support typically takes the form of an Eldercare Coaching Program or other customized telephone consultation and referral system.