JANUARY Employee Spotlight

Sound Options believes that exceptional care begins with exceptional employees. Each month, we highlight and share the story of one of our Certified Nursing Assistants who carries out the mission and values of Sound Options with professionalism, intelligence, and heart. This month, we shine the spotlight on Nora Okyere! 

Nora Okyere is from a very small village called “Katanga” in Ghana, West Africa. Nora tells a story of the reality of day-to-day life growing up in her village back home. Her family was 8 hours from the nearest hospital. If you were in need of medical treatment, you would have to take a long and dangerous trip, which sadly, many did not survive. This experience was a significant influence for Nora and it motivated her to want to help. She attended college and later nursing school at Korlebu Teaching Hospital. Nora worked hard to become a Licensed Practicing Nurse and would return home to her village to volunteer at a small newly established clinic. She achieved her goals and was helping to improve quality of life for others.

As the years passed, Nora continued her work as a nurse and started a family. In 1997, she came to visit her brother in the Untied States, saw the job opportunities, and decided to stay. She had a cousin who lived in Auburn, WA so she chose to relocate there. Once in Washington State, she planned to resume her nursing career, but Nora soon learned that her education and credentials were not transferable and that she would have to start all over again. Being a full-time student was not an option for Nora because she now had children. Nora made the decision to work as a CNA so she could focus on supporting her family and educating her children. She started working as a caregiver with Sound Options in March of 2011.

Nora has persevered through great challenges and works very hard. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping making others more comfortable. It is her compassion and understanding that make her a great caregiver. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Nora enjoying her 3 grandchildren, reading, and taking walks. Thank you for all that you do and the way that you do it Nora! We are so lucky to have you on our team.  



Published on January 2, 2015.