Care Management and Counseling in Olympia

Eldercare Counseling and Guidance Services has been helping families throughout the Olympia area since 2013.  Serving older adults, family caregivers, medical professionals and facilities, our team approaches complex situations from a holistic standpoint.

As Geriatric Care Managers and Licensed Mental Health Counselors, we provide support and help families navigate the complexities of caring for an aging loved one. We understand that this can feel overwhleming at times dues to the number of decisions that need to be made. There may be uncertainty about available resources, health or care needs, and fear or sadness that can accompany loss. We are here to provide guidance and support while honoring your family's unique needs.

"Our role is to use our expertise in geriatric care and our in-depth knowledge of resources to help clients gain understanding and information, know their options, and make decisions that are in alignment with their resources, values, and goals."

In 2018, Eldercare Counseling and Guidance Services merged with Sound Options. This union of experience strengthens our ability to provide solutions to complex aging issues. Our team will continue to foster relationships and trust throughout the Olympia area - one family member at a time.

Laura Vaillancourt, LMHC, GMHS, GCM
Managing Director - Sound Options Olympia
Founder - Eldercare Counseling and Guidance Services


"Eldercare Counseling and Guidance Services has an amazing track record in the community of Olympia. They are geriatric leaders in the South Puget Sound region and we are incredibly fortunate to team up with them.  Sound Options' Care Management principles are based on a holistic approach to serving seniors and their families as they continue along their path.  Laura and her team uphold the same principles when caring for their clients."

Mary Lynn Pannen, RN, CCM, MSN
President and Founder - Sound Options

For professional Eldercare guidance in the Olympia area, call 360.951.6858.