Seattle Senior Care

We form a connection to the landscapes we live in. We build homes and raise children, we go to the markets, walk the beaches, sail on The Sound. Naturally, we want those landscapes to remain a vital part of our lives. Part of the fear of aging is that we will have to leave those landscapes and homes as we need assistance in our activities of daily living. At Sound Options, aging in place in Seattle, Washington is possible with our customized options in senior care. In 1937, the Pike Place Market’s iconic neon sign was installed. Just 52 years later, in 1989, Sound Options began helping families intentionally prepare for a long life lived well. From generation to generation, we too have lit the way to the best local options in homecare. The network we have cultivated along the way has helped us develop our broad and comprehensive expertise in Care Management, Eldercare Coaching, Memory Care, and End-of-Life Care.

Sound Options provides Care Management and Home Care in Seattle

Aging in Place in Seattle | A look at why place matters

The US Census Bureau estimates that as of 2010, 10.8% of the population of Seattle is 65+. Between the years of 2000-2010 the highest rates of population growth were from adults age 55-64.

  • Aging in place in Seattle means having many opportunities to engage in the arts including music, theater, film, literary art, dance, and many museums.
  • Aging in place in Seattle means having great public transportation for increased mobility and independence.  
  • Aging in place in Seattle means access to public gardens, parks, and the beautiful landscape of the Puget Sound region.
  • Aging in place in Seattle means enjoying great local food, shops, and artisans.
  • Aging in place in Seattle means access to some of the best healthcare and physicians in the state.

At Sound Options, we know that place matters and impacts quality of life as we age. Transportation, culture, healthcare, food, all make up the options that we have to live the lives we want. Our blended services of in-home care and professional geriatric care management give families the guidance and care they need to build the life they want:

Memory Care in Seattle

Dementia demands our creativity. At Sound Options, we believe that those with dementia need professional caregivers in the home that are knowledgable in care, adaptive to changing needs, and skilled in addressing difficult behaviors with tact and compassion. Individuals with dementia are 4-5 times more likely to experience falls than older people without the disease, according to the National Council on Aging. Maintaining safety and quality of life are of the highest priority. Sound Options makes aging in place in Seattle a safe memory care option.

Our Seattle Care Managers

Whether you are coping with a chronic illness, recovering from an injury, or planning to age in place, Professional Care Managers can help you shape the life and care you want for your family. As RNs and MSWs they are able to navigate the healthcare maze, inform families of their options, create and oversee a detailed plan of care, and help families plan for the future.

There is a big difference between care that keeps someone alive and care that brings someone to life. At Sound Options, our caregivers in the home not only provide help with the day-today activities, (such as laundry, grocery and errands, medication reminders, food prep, transportation, etc.) they also help clients engage in life and do what they love. This might look like an outing at the market to purchase fresh flowers; going to a museum, concert, or lecture; or having a good book read aloud.

Care Managers Simplify:

Doctor Visits: by making appointments, arranging transportation and providing a medical ear to capture information during the visits
Hospital Transitions: by managing crises, advocating for the aging adult, preparing the home for return, acting as a liaison between multiple doctors and therapists, and managing new medications, services, or care needed within the home
Paperwork: by assisting with Medicare applications, and long-term care insurance.
Important Decisions: by providing quality options with customized recommendations for care and housing
Disease Management: by educating family members and providing on-going oversight
Medications: by managing the changing dosages and regimen, and prepare pill boxes for the aging adult or caregivers
Home Safety: by evaluating the home and making recommendations to decrease the risk of falls or injury and maximize independence
Family Dynamics: by acting as a neutral third party and mediator during family meetings and difficult conversations
End-of-Life Planning: by guiding conversations about value, healthcare wishes, Powers of Attorney, etc.

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