How much does care cost the family caregiver?

An AARP Report says adult children and family caregivers pay between $7,000 and $12,000 in annual out-of-pocket expenses.
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How does Geriatric Care Management save you money?
  • Saving money from lost wages due to changed work hours to accommodate family caregiving responsibilities
  • Guiding dialogue regarding advance directives and desired care to ensure clients’ voices are driving care choices so they are only receiving and paying for the care they desire
  • Overseeing daily finances to reduce the risk of fraud, scams, or extortion  
  • Guiding families through the healthcare maze to help them avoid the pitfalls - so they can be informed and cost-effective healthcare consumers
  • Planning and reducing the costs of a crisis
  • Proactively making small changes in care before they become bigger problems later
About the START RIGHT Plan-of-Care - $450 ($600 Value)
  • Completed by our Geriatric Care Manager
  • Comprehensive Initial Assessment including travel and in-home consultation
    • Cognitive Observations
    • Medication Management
    • Living Environment Assessment
    • Review of Documents: Directives / POA / Insurance / Medicare
  • START RIGHT Plan-of-Care
    • Pressing Concerns - 30 day needs
    • Preventative Measures - 30 to 60 day plan
    • Healthy Journey Pathway - 90+ day outlook
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