How much does care cost the family caregiver?

An AARP Report says adult children and family caregivers pay between $7,000 and $12,000 in annual out-of-pocket expenses.
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About the StartRight Plan-of-Care Completed by our Professional Geriatric Care Manager
  • In-Home Assessment & Professional Plan of Care
    • Critical needs: cognitive, physical, social red flags & expectations
    • Medical overview / medication management & guidance for best approach
    • Living environment observations for safety & necessary support systems
    • Review of documents: directives / POA / insurance / medicare
    • Open account with online access to information and secure storage of documents
  • StartRight Plan-of-Care coordinates the Whole Puzzle of Care
    • Get a handle on your loved-one's care and immediately plan for those pressing issues
    • Guidance from a professional Geriatric Care Manager to better understand your options
    • $450

We can help you start right with:
  • Professional Geriatric Care Managers advocating for better health care, understanding your coverage and avoiding costly crisis
  • Relieving your family stress and conflict about what directions to take and enable your loved-ones to have less resistance with the guiding hand of an experienced professional
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